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I want to educate my children just like you
“Sunny is a very warm and passionate person. In fact, what I most I admire is that through only a short speech, she impressed me with t this great financial education concept largely because of  your enthusiasm and love for children. Such a  good idea through a short speech penetrated my heart.
In the future when I have my children, I want to educate them just like you and to plant the seeds of saving in my children’s mind to help them become money masters. Thank you Sunny.”
Sunny 是一個非常溫暖熱情的人
讓他們成為money master.

Hsin-Min Shih(Milly) Life Insurance agent

Wayne Professional Photo-web

I wished I had small kids again

“After watching your presentation, I wished I had small kids again so I could do it right!
I thought you had some real good ideas and would encourage anyone with children still at home to take a look at your money ideas (which go beyond money to discipline, responsibility and accountability and more).”

Wayne McDaniel, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CAP®


Passionate about the need to teach good management skills at an early age

“Sunny was sensational from the main stage at MDRT Orlando. Her desire to help parents teach children to manage their money, is from her heart. She is passionate about the need to teach good management skills at an early age. Her book has irrefutable principles every family needs to learn and follow. From the stage of MDRT, she successfully shared the principles she has taught her own boys in an amazingly clear and enjoyable style. She showed she has the skills to present a solid talk in a short time that would energize her audience. Congrats Sunny. Great job.”

Doctoral Candidate in Financial Planning and Investments


A lovely simple message that needs to be shared

“Sunny, Congratulations on an excellent Main Platform MDRT Speaks presentation. It was honor for me to share the stage with you, Guy and so many quality MDRT members in Orlando 2017.  This will go down as one of the greatest MDRT Annual Meetings, as it had a lovely FEEL about it. Keep volunteering and keep sharing as you have a lovely simple message that needs to be shared. Preparation was the key. It was such a delight and pleasure to meet you, and I wish you every success in the future!”

Godfrey Philips FAFA JP


The way to help my daughter to become financially healthy

“My acquaintance with Mrs. Lee, through the attendance of her presentations in MDRT Annual Meeting 2017 at Orlando Florida, made me think the way I am bringing up my daughter Natalia (15 y.o.) and  reevaluate the way to help her to become a financially healthy being in the future.
I am feeling grateful towards Mrs. Lee because she gave me a new perspective over this matter. Thank you Mrs. Lee!”

Karolos V. Markouizos/Life Insurance Specialist


If your plan is for one hundred years educate children

“The idea of financial education of young children is a brilliant idea and should be a global trend! And Sunny is a great speaker that fills the whole room with love and communicate easily her true genuine passion!
If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children-Confucius. I highly recommend that Sunny should share this idea as much as she can all over the world!! My most sincere congratulations!”

Panagiotis Leledakis/CEO & President

Website: http://www.nomoneymonster.com/testimonials/sunnys-2017-mdrt-speaks-testimonials/

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