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cldoyel Amazon Customer's Review

조회 수 527 추천 수 0 2017.01.25 09:24:09

I was so engaged in Sunny's book that I read it in two settings - I bought the book to give to my adult kids to read and hopefully apply the tips that Sunny shares with their kids, but what I got was so much more. I was encouraged by the program that Sunny has used to raise her own "money masters." It's more of a life program not just for kids, but for families. The practical tips on developing discipline and a goal oriented approach to daily living can benefit all of us! I was surprised at the depth of the program that Sunny lays out in her book, but she breaks it down into easy age appropriate steps. So whether your child is two or twelve, it's never too late to create money masters versus money monsters. It will not only benefit kids, it will change the dynamics of your home life and the future of your children and your family.


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